If you were thinking of upgrading to Windows 7 for ham radio


You may want to reconsider that notion and just buy another Windows PC. Or a Mac.

I still have an XP laptop and I’d never go through the exceptional hassle of upgrading to the greatness of Windows 7.

Here’s the chart:

Windows 7 upgrade chartHere’s the operative statement to upgrade from XP to Windows 7:

All of the others, denoted by blue boxes, will require what Microsoft calls a “Custom Install,” also known as a “clean install”–a procedure Microsoft doesn’t even refer to as an “upgrade.” For most average, nontechie consumers whose PCs have a single hard disk, that will require a tedious, painful process with the following steps: Temporarily relocating your personal files to an external drive or other computer, wiping your hard drive clean, then installing Windows 7, then moving your personal files back, then re-installing all of your programs from their original disks or download files, then reinstalling all of their updates and patches that may have been issued since the original installation files were released.

Microsoft will provide a free “Easy Transfer” program to assist in this process, but this software won’t transfer your programs, only your personal files and settings.

Not so much. I’ll wait.

  • Scott, Thanks that is a very useful chart. My view on new operating system installation is to always do a clean load which saves many a heartaches. Larry

  • A Windows OS upgrade makes sense when you’re upgrading hardware and throwing out the old machine. Otherwise, it’s a can of worms. Even when they say that an upgrade is possible, my experience is that something always gets broken. You may be better off with a clean install every time.

    My preferred upgrade is to Ubuntu Linux! Although I admit to having Win 7 as a dual-boot option.


  • Ditto to what everyone else said. I’ve never had an “in-place” OS upgrade go well, with any OS, Windows or *nix. Even if Microsoft says you can do an in-place upgrade, I wouldn’t do it. You’ll probably spend more time cleaning up the mess with all your applications, trying to get them to work. And chances are if you’ve been running Windows on any box for two years or more, it’s probably due for an enema anyways and a fresh OS install will give it new life.

  • Hi !
    I’m not agree with K3NG, upgrades on linux system like mandriva, debian or ubuntu works well without any problems…
    I have upgraded 3 laptops ans desktops from previous versions to newer of the distro said upside with absolutly no problem.

    It is not to say that a system is better than an other. (you know.. the traditionnal war beetween the windows word and unix one). I had others problems but not upgrades ones on linux.


  • Hi, i think windows 7 is great for hams.
    im using windows 7, mac osx and linux too.
    lots of great software on linux.
    Linux nowadays seems to be easy and user friendly.


  • I just got a new laptop with windows 7. I love it. I had to learn all the new features and terminology. I have in the shack two older machines, one with 98 and the other with XP. I found out that to run the older software, I need to upgrade to Windows 7 Professional. It will run older programs in an XP windows mode. I wish it would have come with the Home and student 7, but it didn’t. I would recommend buying the software from a package box. If your computer came with windows preinstall from the factory, that license cannot be transfer to another computer, Read the License Agreement. This has to do with volume license issuing, and is issued to your computer and not to you. If you buy it off the shelf, it issued to you and if our computer dies, you can transfer it to another computer.
    Hope this will help someone. I did lots of reading.
    de kd7jeh

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