IARU Championship 2008 — K9JY


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Nice to be back on the air…

Worked into DU, JA, VK2, VK6, ZL, V31, KL7, KH6, and EA (a long way from Washington State in these conditions!) as well as North America.

Class: Single Operator, CW Only, High Power (400 Watts), Five Hours operating time.

Band CW QSO’s Zones HQ Mults
40 70 15 2
20 32 6 1
15 8 2 0
Total 110 23 3

Total score: 6500

Conditions were poor here in the Pacific Northwest with Saturday night the best conditions. I heard W1AW/9 on both 40 and 20 but couldn’t work them from here.

Scot, K9JY

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