Single Point Ground Pictures

A while back, Rick, K2XT, offered on the TowerTalk reflector to send pictures of his single point ground for his station in the basement. Rick sent them to me and graciously offered to have them published on the blog. I really appreciate it.

The first picture is of the Single Point Ground mounted on the floor joists. You can see the installation has lots of components.

Single Point Ground Connection -- K2XT

The second picture is a closer view of the components:

Single Point Ground -- K2XT

Note that everything is connected to the copper plate and then exits to the lightening protection system.

Rick – thanks for sharing!

Scot, K9JY

Nice photos. We need more examples of good practices.

I covered my own installation at with several articles.


Scot, K9JY

@Martin Ewing AA6E – Martin, these are some great articles and another source of superb pictures. Hams reading this should click on over and take a look at both the series of articles and the pictures.

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