Club Program Ideas — 26 Killer Programs


DSC_0138Over the last month or so, I’ve provided a “club program idea” a day for use by clubs and their members. As I was doing these, I continually thought of even more! Brainstorming these ideas really generate more, so I suggest you try it.

Each of these program ideas has a link to the short article and a suggested format for the program. In many cases, there are bonus ideas included as well.

Clubs are the backbone of the social networking of ham radio. An efficient business meeting combined with a killer program will draw people to your meetings. And your members will learn from other members about aspects of the ham radio hobby and service.

Here’s the summary and links to each of the ideas:

Your club members have each done some particular aspect of the hobby. You can use this list to help trigger the specialties of your members and ask that they present about their area of expertise. I hope that clubs can use this list to set up great program ideas for your members!

Scot, K9JY

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