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ZeroFive Antenna — Performance


image After prepping the parts, installing the antenna, and installing the radials, we finally get to performance of the 40-10 meter vertical from ZeroFive Antennas.

The antenna is designed to work with a tuner. In my case, I use the built-in tuner on the Yaesu FT-1000MP.

SWR is more than acceptable with the tuner.

Radials make a difference in SWR

I installed some radials and then measured the SWR. Each time I installed more radials, the SWR was different.

Here’s what it looked like:

Frequency   30-radials   45-radials   60-radials
7.000   2.50   1.80   1.80
7.300   2.75   2.00   2.00
10.100   2.75   2.80   2.80
10.150   2.60   2.80   2.80
14.000   1.80   1.90   2.00
14.350   2.00   2.00   2.00
18.068   1.70   1.70   1.80
18.168   1.80   1.90   1.70
21.000   2.10   2.50   2.50
21.450   1.50   1.90   1.70
24.890   1.60   1.50   1.30
24.990   1.60   1.60   1.20
28.000   1.30   1.50   1.40
28.300   1.20   1.40   1.30
28.600   1.20   1.40   1.20
29.000   1.20   1.30   1.20


As I mentioned, these SWR ranges are easily handled by my tuner.


I have not made hundreds of contacts yet with this antenna, so early on performance can’t be based upon experience. That may change this weekend with Field Day; we shall see.

However, I can say that this antenna works what it hears. There have been enough contacts that were tough for me to hear where the other person was copying me Q5, regardless of signal strength. I attribute that to the radials and the path of the radiated signal from the vertical.

Consequently, I very pleased with the results. ZeroFive puts out some killer antennas; the construction of the hardware is first-rate. You will note how small a profile this antenna makes; ZeroFive just added a “flagpole” line of antennas — with flags!

Plus, the single band antennas would make a great four-square or other type of vertical gained antenna.

I’d highly recommend ZeroFive Antennas for both their product and their service.

You can see all the pictures at SmugMug.

Scot, K9JY

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  1. Any attempt made or planned to actually measure real signal strength? Do you have the ability to do any kind of a/b comparison with another antenna?

  2. @Howard
    Currently, I don’t have the ability to measure the signal strength. It is one of those purely subjective experiences. I also don’t have the ability to do an A/B comparison as it is the only antenna I have at the moment.

    Having said that, my experience with verticals and how they perform for me goes back about some 20+ years. When I was planning the project, I totally missed getting the signal strength reports lined up.

  3. Scot,

    I have been debating about buy a Zero-Five vertical. I had a butternut, but the tornado that came through here last year took care of that Butternut. I can’t complain, it lasted me 10 years! and 200+ countries.

    I have been wanting to buy the 43′ 160-10 vertical and the ZF-MB-5k from Array Solutions.

    Keep us posted on how it does!

    73, Jack

  4. @Jack Wilson
    I would recommend the 43′ antenna. The quality of the hardware, with the radial system, should make this a great antenna. I was originally concerned as well about how well “self-supporting” the antenna would be, but we had 30-MPH winds through here two days after installation. The top moved about 3-inches with the gusts. Very impressive.

  5. Hi Scot,

    Due to CCRs here, I’m interested in the 24 ft. model. Is yours the 24 ft. or the 43 ft.? Also, how has it been working since the last postings?

    Thanks for sharing,

    Don, W8AD

  6. Hi Don,

    I replied in e-mail, but for the benefit of others reading this post, yes, my model is the 24-ft model. I’m very happy with the workmanship and the performance of the antenna. It has also gone through some 50 MPH winds here and moved maybe six inches at the top of the antenna. There are good antennas out there; this is one of the best.

  7. Hi Scot, thanks for the very detailed information. Very helpful. One last question, which balun are you using on your 24 footer? It’s 3/8th wave on 20 meters so I assume it does a very good job there.

    Thanks again and 73,

    Don, W8AD

  8. Hi Scott,
    I just purchased the 43′ multiband verticle and am rounding up the necessary supplies to do the instillation. Thanks for the helpful information.
    I live by the Chesapeake Bay and have quite a bit of wind, today it is gusting to 35mph. I will be using my Icom IC-7000 with a LDG auto tuner, currently using a G5RV.

    Thanks,73’s, Richard K3JB

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