Club Program Ideas: Inside an amplifier


Alpha 9500 Amplifier In this series on Club Program ideas, I’m providing possible programs for clubs to use in their meetings. You can find a full explanation of the approach in Club Programs – The Series.

Today’s program idea: Inside an amplifier.

Everyone loves a big amplifier, who wouldn’t? But the inside of an amplifier is a scary place. This program suggests taking a tour inside an amplifier so that hams can see the different sections. Here are a few ideas for the presentation:

  • Show the tubes and how they are rated
  • Show the various band switch areas
  • Show the electronics in today’s amp and compare with older tube models
  • Show the transistor amplifier sections in the new amplifiers
  • Show why you need an interface between new radios and old amplifiers

Amplifiers are, for many, a dream to own. This type of program can show hams the guts of power in a ham station.

Bonus program idea: set up a few tables and have club members (pre-arranged) bring in their amplifiers so that everyone can look at the various models and makes. Great for individual questions and answers as well.

Scot, K9JY

Photo Credit: Alpha Amplifiers

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