Stacked Quads for 20-10 meters

There is a thread on the TowerTalk reflector about stacking quads. I have never heard of it being done, but one of the participants pointed us to DF3KV and his stacked quads for 20, 15, and 10 meters.

It is an impressive picture and gallery. You have to appreciate the effort it takes to get these 6-element quads up on the tower and then geared up to operate. Especially when you consider that the tower is not that tall.


Scot, K9JY

Wow. The 80m/40m Quad is a sight too. I wonder how that plays on 80m?

Scot, K9JY

I know! I did not see any commentary on it on the site. I’ve not seen an 80-meter quad in my long ham career, so it was interesting to see. When I lived in the Midwest, we did not have quads as the ice storms would overcome the structure. But, I’ve always been fascinated by them.

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