New ARRL Contest Update Delivered

The ARRL Contest Update

The NEW HTML version of the Contest Rate Sheet is now out — and it is MUCH better than the old text version.

Of course, I’ve been on the web a long time and prefer the look of HTML to text.


  • Name change. Was the ARRL Contest Rate Sheet; now is The ARRL Contest Update
  • The top summary paragraph will link you directly to the section. No more scrolling.
  • Bigger type. Easier reading
  • Headlines in red, text in black. Easier to navigate.
  • Links in the sections are now typical hyperlinks, not Tiny URL’s or spelled out as in the text version. Improves readability.
  • Sub-sections done in bold — easier to read and navigate
  • Includes pictures! It was great to see my old neighbor John, K9DX, and fellow SMC’er Jerry, WB9Z, “holding up the wall” at Dayton.

Can you say “exceeded expectations?” Yup. Really nice.

How to get it:

The ARRL Contest Update is published every other Wednesday (26 times each year). ARRL members may subscribe at no cost or unsubscribe by editing their Member Data Page as described at

Well worth it if you contest. And now even better.

Scot, K9JY