Club Program Ideas: CW Skimmer


In this first of a series on Club Program ideas, you might as well strike while the controversy is hot!

CW Skimmer is a program that decodes CW callsigns heard within a bandwidth on your radio. It is a brand new approach to decoding Morse code. The software is controversial because it may help people decode pileups and contest calls without decoding “by ear.”

Suggested program:

  1. Explanation of the software
  2. Demonstration (slides) of the software
  3. Personal experience in using the software in contest
  4. Personal experience of using the software in a DX pileup
  5. Personal advantages and disadvantages of the software

The objective of this program is to show the new technology in use at a station. This is not a technology that will work well for all purposes and amateurs. The program works better with Software Defined Radios simply because the passband is bigger. All important types of information for learning about the software.

The after-the-meeting meeting can have discussions on what contest class this software should be included in for contesting!

Scot, K9JY

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