ARRL Starts New "Contest Blog"

Sean, KX9X, has started a “contest blog” off of the ARRL site.

I don’t think it is a blog, but it is certainly a web site to get official contest news out of the ARRL.

From Sean:

This is where I will be posting official information on all things Contest-related, such as when results for ARRL contests are put online, when awards are going out the door, and if there are any problems you need to know about. This blog will cover both HF and VHF+ contests.

The site does not allow comments (hence, it isn’t a blog…), but you can certainly subscribe to the site with your RSS reader (click link to see how subscriptions work. It is for the K9JY site, but the principle is the same) — the orange RSS symbol at the top of the site. I would subscribe because the posting, unlike a blog, will be highly irregular and the RSS feed will send you updates as they occur rather than you having to go look.

Scot, K9JY

You didn’t post the link to the blog, which is available at

(For those of you wondering, the rather odd-looking syntax is because the name of the web page where it’s hosted has spaces in it, and %20 is what’s used to replace the space in the actual URL.

Scot, K9JY

Ummmm, opps!

Thanks, David. Now to go update the post!

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