Hamvention 2008 — Photos


Without being there, photos help create the feeling of being at the Hamvention. Here’s a roundup of photos that have been published out on the various photo sites about Hamvention 2008.

KE9V puts out some 76 photos, both inside and outside of Hara Arena. Too bad about the lack of sleep — from work!

Twenty more pics from nebulagirl. Here’s the photo stream on Flickr.

Some great pics from half framed idiot (I love the names!). Including one of the Enigma code machine.

KxsEnterprises puts up 64 photos.

Mattleah has a photo set of 41 photos.

Haideki Saito has two sets: one of 41 photos and the other 117 photos.

Thanks for sharing these photos for the ham community.

Scot, K9JY

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