Field Day Food


Fieldday Burgstetten OV W38 nr HalleSaale (2008-05-10)One of Field Day’s great pleasures is the food! Clubs have many different methods of providing food at the Field Day site. Some will use club money to fund the food, some will orient themselves to one large meal, and others will simply bring their own food.

The driving force in planning by the club for food at the Field Day site participation. Two transmitters and two people? Simple. Nine transmitters and 45-people? Whole different story.

My participation in Field Day has been with larger groups. So, the food planning was more rigorous. As was the equipment planning. As was scheduling the cooks and helpers.

The surprise about the food is there is usually a group in your club that loves to cook for a Field Day. More than operating. It allows them to do a great service, share in Field Day, do their own planning and execution, and chat with everyone at the event. I’ve always had great respect for these people – they make Field Day a great event.

How does your club handle food for Field Day?

Scot, K9JY

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