3 Field Day Press Release Suggestions


CNN Crew Getting ReadyOne of the several categories of bonus points for Field Day is Media Publicity. You get the points by showing the attempt of local media to cover Field Day.

Wouldn’t it be better if the local media actually covered your Field Day?

Here’s a good suggestion for getting the media to come and cover your Field Day:

Give them three stories they could tell about your event.

Here are three suggested stories you could provide:

  1. Field Day is used to test emergency communications under less than ideal conditions. Talk about emergency power, building portable antennas, and working through the night.
  2. Field Day is a contest with portable equipment. Talk about number one, but also how Field Day builds skills to quickly communicate with others under harsh conditions.
  3. Field Day is a public view into ham radio — and lots of fun. Talk about the ability of the public to come and watch, ask questions and learn about the hobby. And don’t forget to mention all of the social aspects of the hobby.

Simply sending the date, time and place of your Field Day event doesn’t help an editor with precious resources how to cover your event — and you’ll get bumped for virtually anything else on the calendar.

Instead, give the reporters something to sink their teeth into by giving them a head start on the story.

And, with television, give them some suggestions they can shoot for visual appeal — the solar powered station, the satellite station, the Get On The Air station where new hams are learning. Show computers and radios, not just radios. Telling television stations what to shoot with their cameras is a killer way to have that television crew show up to cover your Field Day event.

Critically important: give your press release a person to contact AT THE FIELD DAY SITE for all hours. You want your contact person to be able to show the story to the reporting crew and guide them through the various sections. Don’t be camera shy!

What other storylines have worked for your club? Leave them in the comments so all can see.

Scot, K9JY

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