K9JY Zero Five Vertical Project


On Tuesday (not today…) I intended on posting about my latest project: the zero-five vertical. In the “What’s This?” post, I showed a few unopened boxes that I had delivered, but haven’t said anything about it since then.

That’s because…the boxes are still unopened! With life and work and hobby, other priorities override the hobby.

However, I intend to get this vertical up and working over the course of the next week.

The Plan

The parts are all here from the various manufacturers. This includes the antenna, the radial plate, the balun, and the coax.

The hole is dug. Not to 36” deep, but close. I have a yard that made of rocks with some dirt around them. Makes for a difficult symmetrical hole to place in antennas.

The pipe to go into the hole is purchased, cut, and ready to be partially pounded in. Need to get it right, level and plumb.

The cement is purchased and waiting to be placed in the hole after the pipe is positioned.

Once the cement is in and the pipe is plumb, we wait for the cement to cure and then worry about the rest of the stuff.

So, we are beginning this project. More to come.

Scot, K9JY

  • Whew…The suspense was killin’ me. It looks like a heavy duty vertical. Don’t forget to tell us how it plays on the air.

  • And construction too. I was planning on pictures…but it’s tough to take pictures when the stuff is still in the box!!

  • I nearly posted a comment earlier, I thought that I recognized the fine packaging that Tom does, but a box is a box, right? And I knew that Tom always ships FedEx, that was another clue.

    You’re going to love this antenna. Beginning last September I unhappily went through an old Hygain 14-AVQ and a new Hustler 4BTV before I shelled out the money for the ZeroFive. There’s simply no comparison. I have no regrets whatsoever. I know the posts on Eham seem like there’s a cult-following, but after you use it, you’ll understand why everyone raves about it.

    Running 100 watts I don’t get through on the first call, and often not the second or third, but I do get through. That’s something I couldn’t say about the others that I’ve used. My experience so far is that it really shines on 20-80 mtrs, especially on 30 and 40. I have trouble getting a good SWR on 160 using an internal tuner, but an outboard tuner does fine.

    Looking forward to your updates!

    Ed N4EMG

  • @Ed
    Just to let people know where I am as of this moment on the antenna. I have the pipe and the cement in the ground. Am now in the process of doing the rest. Work, weather have prevented me from getting this going as fast as I thought I could. Of course…

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