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Radio-sport.netJamie, NS3T, has updated his contest reporting site at site — your home for ham radio contest news. On it right now you will find the big news about the big contest — CQ WW SSB contest at the end of October. Jamie gives us nine different stories from different angles about the premier SSB contest for the season.

In addition, for those who may not know it, the 2010 WRTC Rules require contesting slots only to the deserving — by how well competitors place in contests leading up to the 2010 WRTC. is THE place to find out the current standings of the deserving. Jamie has split off his WRTC coverage into a sub-domain of the main site. In it, he has the only website “where you can get worldwide qualifying numbers for the World Radiosport Team Championships.” The URL for the WRTC qualifying numbers is

As a writer, producing content is both easy and challenging. I can tell from looking at that Jamie has put a tremendous amount of effort in providing a great contesting news site for the deserving. Go check it out.

Scot, K9JY

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