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QSL CardOne of the consequences of contesting is that you receive a great number of QSL cards in response to the contacts. And, unlike direct cards where cards come in day by day or Log of the World where there is a file upload, bureau cards come in an envelope from your local bureau.

My pile came in Friday. 150 VP9/K9JY QSL requests (we went there in 2005) plus another 100 or so for K9JY.

Looking at the pile on the desk is not something that attracts me to go and attack.

But, earlier in the year, I had read about Global QSL, a service that proclaims to print color cards on two sides, put your QSL information on the card and send them off to the appropriate bureau all for a very reasonable price. It seemed like it might be a good solution.

Requirements? Download their QSL creation program, place your pictures and text on the card using the program, upload it to their site, and then upload your ADIF file of the QSL’s you want printed to them and they take it from there.

It was an interesting and good experience. I’ll explain a bit more as we go through the week.

Scot, K9JY

Hi Scot – glad you found the GlobaQSL solution!

I’ve run some thousands of cards through their system with great luck!

WordPress rejected my first comment as it had links, so I will try but two of the eight articles I’ve written on GlobalQSL – you can find the rest by going to my blog and doing a search on GlobalQSL

Let the Machine do the Work – GlobalQSL QSL Printing Service


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Scot, K9JY

Hi Steve,

Yes, the blog here rejects comments that have more than two links.

I went back through my blog thinking that I had written about Global QSL before, but I didn’t see anything. Then I was wondering where in the world I found it as it was in my “to do” list for K9JY and VP9/K9JY.

It turns out it was on your blog as one of the links above surfed me over to them.

After setting up the QSL’s using their software (a one or two-time thing to do), I went through my entire pile of VP9/K9JY cards, all the current K9JY cards, and about 1/3 of my backlog on K9JY by updating my log, creating my ADIF file, and uploading to Global QSL.

About 400 cards in about three hours. And a HUGE relief.

I want to spend some time this week on how the entire process works so that others can see what can be done with bureau cards.

Thanks for the comment and the links.

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