Icom IC-756PRO2 + 3 Roofing Filter Available

icom-roofing-bInternational Radio is now offering roofing filters for the Icom IC-756Pro line, including the PRO2 and PRO3.

The PRO2 filter is shipping from stock, but the PRO3 filter won’t ship kits until early August of 2007.

CAUTION: The site notes that the PRO3 filter is not for the feint of heart:

This mod is significantly more challenging to perform than our other roofing filter kits and requires removal of some SMT components, cutting of board traces, modifying a shield can, and putting small connectors on two teflon RG-178 coaxial cables. It should only be performed by those with considerable technical skills who are comfortable working around delicate electronics and small surface mount components.

Full details at International Radio.