Six Meter Spring Sprint — How was your running?

World BackgroundThis past weekend was the Six Meter Spring Sprint contest and there was a fair amount of commentary on it some of the e-mail reflectors I read.

I’ve never operated six meters.

When I was in Costa Rica in February, TI5KD waxed eloquently about six meters. Short path, long path, weird openings, and the seasonality of the band.

It was pretty interesting, but the thing that put me off on working it was that six meters is a band where you have to be listening all the time. All the time, because the openings are often short. So, if you are in the car, have a six meter radio going. If you are working in the shop, have a radio with you to listen while you work.

Fun — but complete dedication and I’m not able to do that.

How about you? Have you worked six meters? Just contesting or DXing?

Scot, K9JY