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Well, an uneventful trip to Costa Rica yesterday. After getting to TI5N’s place, I slept for a good eight hours.

This morning, Ron, WJ7R, and I did most of the setup with the radios and PC’s, ensuring everything is working. I still need to get an amplifier set up with the Kenwood TS-570, but that will be this afternoon. But, transmit, receive, RTTY, PSK-31, CW is all working.

As I am writing this, the power just went out here (a car hit a power pole and lost).

I have a few more blog things to upload and then I’ll get on the air. I know it’s a little reversed from the normal DXpedition, but I wrote a bunch of posts for my blogs on the plane yesterday. I can get those loaded up and set for the rest of this week and next, then can pay attention to radio.

In the meantime…here’s a picture of the quad we’re using:

TI Quad

Hope it makes you totally jealous…more pics later.

Scot, K9JY

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