Bullseye-TargetIt was an uneventful ride from Seattle to Phoenix. US Airways had a nice flight. With all the time changes, I never really know the actual flight time until I get on the plane and they announce it. The flight time to Phoenix was about two hours and thirty minutes.

That’s a little different from Phoenix to San Jose, Costa Rica. Flight time: five hours. So, for the day, getting here from the airport in Seattle to landing time in Costa Rica will have been about 13-hours elapsed time, including layovers. Looks like two vacation days to me just getting there and back.

Five hours is a long time to be seated on a plane, especially a window seat. Fortunately, the plane from Phoenix to San Jose wasn’t completely full. I scored a first class upgrade for $150. For that price, I was on it like white on rice.

A couple ahead of me vacillated on the decision and at the moment decided not to take the upgrade. Good thing — there were only two first class seats open. So now I have one of them…and the seat next to me is empty. Room, space, ability to write blog posts…very nice.


Scot, K9JY

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