TI DXpedition Announcement — Update I

SetupToday was spent getting organized for the trip; tomorrow (Super Bowl Sunday) will be mostly spent packing and making sure all the essentials are in place.

It is amazing how much lists can help out on a trip like this. When I went to Bermuda with the boys, I came back and immediately made a list of what things I wanted to take – or not take – the next time based upon my experiences at VP9. A year and a little bit later, that list has really paid for itself along with dividends.

This trip I don’t have to bring along the amplifier — and that is no small thing. The amp itself would take a complete suitcase (a Pelican, to be precise) and weighs in at a good 40 or so pounds on the airplane scale. Weight, for those who travel overseas, is critical.

I’ve also purchased a different bag for the radio, which I get to try out the first time tomorrow when I pack. We’ll see how it works out.

But the theme of the packing this time is to pare back, pare back, pare back. Essentials and everything radio. The rest will work itself out.

Scot, K9JY