This is the K9JY website – the ham radio resource to find information for contesting with WriteLog, the premier ham radio contesting program.

WriteLog main screen
A WriteLog sample screen for ham radio contesting

How to Use This Site for WriteLog Setup

The K9JY web site provides WriteLog contesters the information they need for configuring the program, operating ham radio contests WriteLog supports, and using WriteLog for post-contest tasks. From single-operator to multi-multi contesting, if you need to know how to get it done with WriteLog, this is the place!

The objective of this section is that the ham radio contest operator, using this documentation, can work the WriteLog program to effectively to meet the contester’s goals.

Note: I am updating the site with the current 12.x version information. For each section updated, I’ll note as such at the top of the page. This site has not been updated for many years as I took an 11-year hiatus of being on the air. What got me back on the air? Check out this article on the blog….

Hover your mouse over any of the subjects in the Navigation area and more options will be presented.

  • Initial Setup: what to do when you first get WriteLog
  • Contest Setup: what to do for setting up before each contest
  • WriteLog Windows: everything to know about operating and configuring WriteLog Windows
  • WriteLog.ini: All the optional settings set up through the WriteLog.ini file – the WriteLog.ini file is no longer used in Version 12. I am keeping this information on the site to support those with older versions of WriteLog. You should upgrade!
  • Post Contest: It’s not over until the (electronic) paperwork is done
  • Other Subjects: You’ll want to know about these eventually