Note: the WriteLog.ini file is no longer used in Version 12 – all of the options are in dialog boxes, not in this file. I’m keeping it on the site because there are older installations of WriteLog and those use this file.

You should upgrade to the current version!

This page, in no particular order, reflects the major WriteLog INI settings for RTTY. The bracketed words (e.g., [Configuration]) reflects which section of the INI file the entry should be made or be found.

Note: The [Rttyrite2] section in the INI file is the same as the [Rttyrite] section, but is for a second ham radio.

Insert Overrides Call [Configuration]

InsertOverridesCall non-zero and pressing the INSERT key on the keyboard will use the RTTY window to override any CALL entry. This entry affects only RTTY operation.


Dumb Terminal PTT Hold Time [Rttyrite]

Time in milliseconds that the dumb terminal will hold PTT at the end of a transmission


Diddle Entry [Rttyrite]

Setting the Diddle entry to zero tells Rttyrite to not diddle the transmit RTTY stream with NULL or LTRS characters when it has nothing to say. The default is that diddle is on.


RTTY Dialog boxes always on top [Rttyrite]

Use CONTROL_ON_TOP=1 to make the CW, RTTY, PSK control dialogs stay always on top, or 0 to make allow them to be covered by the main WriteLog screen.


RTTY Scroll Length [Rttyrite]

The RTTY window can scroll back this many lines. 2000 is the default.