Band Map

Note: the WriteLog.ini file is no longer used in Version 12 – all of the options are in dialog boxes, not in this file. I’m keeping it on the site because there are older installations of WriteLog and those use this file.

You should upgrade to the current version!

This page, in no particular order, reflects the major WriteLog INI settings for the WriteLog Band Map. The bracketed words (e.g., [Entry]) reflects which section of the INI file the entry should be made or be found.

Add Call to Band Map with Space Bar [Entry]

With version 10.27G and higher, you can add a WriteLog.ini file entry that will put a ham radio call into the Band Map when you hit the space bar. For people who copy ham radio calls really well and to somewhat automate getting ham radio calls into the band map, this is a good option.

To set up calls to go into the Band Map automatically by pressing the space bar, add this line to the [Entry] section of the WriteLog.ini file:


Set Band Map Vertical Size [BandMap]

The Band Map’s vertical size can be changed through a different entry in the WriteLog.ini file. This is important because only so many ham radio stations can fit comfortably within a band map. You may want wide spacing during a narrower frequency contest, like a RTTY or CW contest, and narrower spacing for an SSB contest. It’s your choice. To change the vertical size of the Band Map, go to the [BandMap] section of the WriteLog.ini file and change the number to the right of this option:


Here is what 15 looks like: Here’s what 25 looks like:

Band Map at 15 pixels Band Map at 25 pixels

Band Map Spot Timer [BandMap]

The length of time that a ham radio call stays on the Band Map Window can be changed by the user in the WriteLog.ini file. Go to the [BandMap] section and modify the following line:


The 1200 represents the number of seconds that the spot stays on the Band Map; in this case, twenty minutes.

Note: To have the timers for the Band Map and Packet windows expire at the same time, set the Packet Timer for the same length.

Start the Band Map upon start up [Configuration]

This is also done when one does a ‘Save Configuration.’ This indicates whether WriteLog should open the Band Map upon opening WriteLog:


Auto Fill Log Entry Window from Band Map [Entry]

Distance radio must tune in order to say its is “tuning” the band. Set this to zero and WriteLog will not clear the Entry window when the radio is tuned.


If you tune closer than AutoFillFromBandmapHz to a bandmap station, the Entry window will be auto-filled from his frequency. Set this to zero and WriteLog will not auto fill. AutoClearOnTuneMinHz set to zero will disable AutoFillFromBandmap as well.


With AutoSetToSplitFromBandMap set nonzero, WriteLog will set the rig to the split frequency in the bandmap as you tune across it. AutoFillFromBandmapHz must be non-zero for this to function.


TuningDetectionCount is the number of consecutive polls of the rig that must be tuning to decide the operator really is tuning.


Send Band Map call to Packet Window [Entry]

A non-zero entry after the = causes WriteLog to send dupe checked ham radio calls that are to be sent to the Band Map to also be sent to the Packet Window.