Many of the features for ham radio contesting with WriteLog can be initiated or changed by modifying the writelog.ini file. If you open, edit, or save this file, always use a text editor only. Usually a program like NotePad is the one to use.

WriteLog.ini Location:

C:\Windows\writelog.ini for all operating systems except Vista.

C:\Users\USERXX\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Windows\WriteLog.ini for the Vista Operating System

Note that with Vista a copy of the WriteLog.ini file does show up in C:\windows — but Vista does not allow WriteLog to use this file for security reasons, only the file in the C:\Users directory. Of course…

WriteLog.ini categories:

General Settings

  • CT Compatibility
  • WriteLog Recent File Length
  • Remove “Country” and “C” fields from the QSO Entry Window
  • Auto Save Count
  • Mouse Wheel tuning
  • Changing Country Location (e.g., DXpedition)
  • Packet Spot Timer
  • Serial and Parallel Ports
  • VHF Transverter Entries
  • Headphones Not Move on change in focus

Band Map

  • Add Call to Band Map with Space Bar
  • Set Band Map Vertical Size
  • Band Map Spot Timer
  • Start the Band Map upon startup
  • Auto Fill Log Entry Window from Band Map

CW Settings

  • Cut Numbers
  • CW Speeds
  • W5XD multi+ keyer only
  • CW Send Partial Call Corrections
  • Send live CW from the Call Field
  • CW Rig PTT Control
  • CW PTT Delay
  • PTT Hold Time
  • BUGMODE on MK-1100 Keyer
  • Shifting bit wait time
  • LPT port CW Behavior to match NA/CT/TR on Pin 1
  • RTTYRITE CW center Frequency and Speed Range
  • CW Display Window Settings


  • General (Comm settings)
  • ICOM
  • Kachina
  • Orion


  • Insert Overrides Call
  • Dumb Terminal PTT Hold Time
  • Diddle Entry
  • RTTY Dialog boxes always on top
  • RTTY Scroll Length

Sound Cards