Note: the WriteLog.ini file is no longer used in Version 12 – all of the options are in dialog boxes, not in this file. I’m keeping it on the site because there are older installations of WriteLog and those use this file.

You should upgrade to the current version!

Many of the features for ham radio contesting with WriteLog can be initiated or changed by modifying the writelog.ini file. If you open, edit, or save this file, always use a text editor only. Usually a program like Notepad is the one to use.

WriteLog.ini Location:

C:\Windows\writelog.ini for all operating systems except Vista.

C:\Users\USERXX\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Windows\WriteLog.ini for the Vista Operating System

Note that with Vista a copy of the WriteLog.ini file does show up in C:\windows — but Vista does not allow WriteLog to use this file for security reasons, only the file in the C:\Users directory. Of course…

WriteLog.ini categories:

General Settings

  • CT Compatibility
  • WriteLog Recent File Length
  • Remove “Country” and “C” fields from the QSO Entry Window
  • Auto Save Count
  • Mouse Wheel tuning
  • Changing Country Location (e.g., DXpedition)
  • Packet Spot Timer
  • Serial and Parallel Ports
  • VHF Transverter Entries
  • Headphones Not Move on change in focus

Band Map

  • Add Call to Band Map with Space Bar
  • Set Band Map Vertical Size
  • Band Map Spot Timer
  • Start the Band Map upon startup
  • Auto Fill Log Entry Window from Band Map

CW Settings

  • Cut Numbers
  • CW Speeds
  • W5XD multi+ keyer only
  • CW Send Partial Call Corrections
  • Send live CW from the Call Field
  • CW Rig PTT Control
  • CW PTT Delay
  • PTT Hold Time
  • BUGMODE on MK-1100 Keyer
  • Shifting bit wait time
  • LPT port CW Behavior to match NA/CT/TR on Pin 1
  • RTTYRITE CW center Frequency and Speed Range
  • CW Display Window Settings


  • General (Comm settings)
  • ICOM
  • Kachina
  • Orion


  • Insert Overrides Call
  • Dumb Terminal PTT Hold Time
  • Diddle Entry
  • RTTY Dialog boxes always on top
  • RTTY Scroll Length

Sound Cards