Show Mults

WriteLog offers real time checking if a ham radio station is a multiplier. But how do you know your overall multiplier total – and are you missing some easy ones like the United States on 40 meters in CQ WW SSB (which I have done!)? How can you know? Check the Show Multipliers Window.

Using my CQ WW contest, it is easy to tell where I need multipliers. To open the Multiplier window, select ‘Contest|Show Multipliers’ as shown on the screen below:

Contest Show Multiplier

Clicking ‘Show Multipliers’ provides the following result:

Multiplier Window

Note that this is for Europe. Wherever there is a colored mark, I have worked the ham radio multiplier for a new one and where there is a blank I have not. Each box from left to right means a ham radio band. There is one box per ham radio band, starting with 160 meters on the left. So looking at the C3 line, I have worked C3 on all bands except 160 meters.

The drop down menu on the lower right provides the other areas of the world. You may leave this window open on your desktop; WriteLog will update the window in real time as you enter QSO’s.