WriteLog Windows

Note: this section is updated to WriteLog 12.x

WriteLog works through individual windows for ham radio contesting. This section describes how the windows work.

How the options for the windows are set up are found in the Settings section on the WriteLog menu.

How to open different WriteLog windows

There are two ways to open WriteLog windows. The first is selecting them from the Windows menu in WriteLog. This is what it looks like:

Clicking on any of the windows will cause it to open and, if there are parameters to complete, will provide you the option to choose them.

The second way of opening WriteLog windows is to select one of the icons on the main screen. Tool tips, if enabled, will show which window would be enabled if clicked.

WriteLog windows behaviors

The windows themselves will usually open inside the container (not all do, for example, the Band Map opens outside) that has the menu, icons, and log. This is called Docking. You will have the option of leaving it there and expanding the container, or, undock the window from the container – called Floating – so that it lives someplace on your computer screen.

There is a little down arrow that allows you to choose:

Once a window is floating outside the container, it can be made smaller or larger just like any other window in a Windows Operating System.

This allows many, many options to place the windows where you want, in the size you want, anywhere on the screen. The screen shot on the Home screen is a good example of this. To maintain your window configuration, you must save your contest file – File|Save. Then, if you reopen WriteLog for that contest, the window configuration will return.