Submit Your Log

It’s not over until the (electronic) paperwork is done, is it? WriteLog makes this job pretty easy.

WriteLog makes changes to the submissions based upon the contest you select at the start. So if your contest requires separate multipliers by ham radio band, WriteLog performs that action for you as a menu item. If you just need a Cabrillo file, that’s all that WriteLog will show you as needing.


This section will show you how electronic files are produced using a ham radio contest example. We’ll cover:

  • Where to Look for Log Submission Information
  • Creating a Cabrillo File

Where to Look for Log Submission Information

Check the rules with the contest sponsors. This will tell you how to submit your ham radio logs, what information is needed to be included in the email, and where to send the logs.

The Post Contest information for sending in your ham radio log to the sponsor is found on the WriteLog toolbar under ‘Contest.’ For most contests, Cabrillo files are needed for submission. Select it as follows:


Not every contest matches this outline on the screen because each contest has different rules for log submission. But this is the area to look for the information needed to submit the log.

Knowing what is needed for the log submission based upon the contest rules, here’s what would be needed to be done to create a Cabrillo file….

Creating a Cabrillo File

As shown in the screen print above, click on ‘Cabrillo file’ to begin the process of creating the log submission. Follow the screen instructions with each dialog box (some contests will require multiple dialog boxes).

At some point, the equivalent of a summary sheet is provided for you to fill out. It looks like this:


WriteLog defaults all of the information it can from previous information. For example, your address is displayed (mine is not, because this is, after all, the Internet…). Select all of your correct information from the drop down menus (such as ‘Mode’, and ‘Band,’ etc.).

Once you have all of your information filled out, click on the ‘OK’ button. Upon clicking ‘OK,’ you will then receive a standard Windows save dialog box (Version 10.x screen shot) that looks like this:

Cabrillo Save As Dialog Box

Make sure you save the file in the same location as your ham radio contest sub-directory where you are saving all of your files for this contest. The name of the Cabrillo file defaults to ‘yourcall.log’ for submission.

Click on the ‘Save’ button (you don’t have to worry about the ‘Save as type’ being blank) and your Cabrillo text file is saved in your specified sub-directory.

Email your file according to the log submission rules…and you’re done!