Saving Your Configuration

The configuration you have mapped out is saved to the WriteLog.ini file located in the Windows sub-directory of your computer. To edit this file, or see other options available to you in the program, you can check out the WriteLog.ini section on the web pages.

On the tool bar, click on “Setup” and then select “Save Configuration.” You will be presented with a dialog box that looks like this:

Save Configuration Dialog Box

Enter in your address (used for Cabrillo logs – mine is not filled in because this is, after all, the Internet….). Once that is completed, you can tell WriteLog to open the Band Map, Packet, and/or the RTTY window upon start-up. In this screen shot, I’ve told WriteLog to open the Packet and Band Map windows when the program opens. Clicking on OK will then save your information, including the windows you opened above and their relative position on your screen.