Initial Setup

Note: This page is updated for WriteLog version 12.x.

As with every ham radio software program, there is an initial setup a user does to enable base features and personalize the ham radio program for the user. WriteLog for amateur radio is no different. What we’ll do in this section is show you what needs to be addressed to start WriteLog working for you by showing screen shots for your personalization options.

This section assumes you can navigate in your version of Windows. If you are not familiar with navigating in Windows, most of this web site (and most other ham radio programs) will be very intimidating for you.

This section also assumes that you have already followed the instructions for installing WriteLog and you have placed WriteLog in the default directory on your computer.

There are five areas to address:


  • How to open WriteLog
  • How to save your contest files

Radio Settings

  • Telling WriteLog how many radios you are using and what settings to use for your radio


  • Port Setup — radio type, Comm port, PTT, CW port, DVK type
  • SSB WAV file location
  • CW Speed
  • PTT
  • Great Circle — identifying your ham radio location to WriteLog

Saving Your Configuration

  • How to save your default configurations settings