Note: this section is updated for WriteLog 12.x

The Radio section of the WriteLog toolbar has some specific options based upon your mode of ham radio contesting. Much of this is from the WriteLog Help files as reference.

Here’s the Radio menu:

Let’s go through each one of these sections.


Many of these entries are only enabled if you are running the Outboard W5XD CW keyer, or W5XD Multi+ keyer, which has left/right headphone control relays.

  • Headphones Split sets one ham radio in each ear regardless of which ham radio is active.
  • Headphones Normal puts the active ham radio in each ear.
  • The Radio Headphone Latch (CTRL+X) function, which latches the non-active ham radio into both headphones for the duration of a transmission, also only works with the Outboard W5XD CW keyer.
  • The Headphones Split Toggle turns split off if it was on, or on if it was off.
  • Radio Headphones Reverse Toggle command puts the headphones on the ham radio without the transmit focus (the “second” radio), or back on the transmit radio if they were already on the second radio. Only works for those CW keyer types that support it, otherwise this entry is gray


Commands CW key down until you type any key or press a paddle. Only works with those CW keyer types that support it. Otherwise this entry is gray.

Antenna to this Azimuth

Turn Antenna to the azimuth indicated by the call sign in the current Entry Window. This entry is disabled (gray) if WriteLog does not detect antenna control software installed. Remember your Rotor…

Transmit Focus

Single operators won’t need this option.

This entry is disabled until you indicate to WriteLog that this Entry Window is radio L or radio R using the Select Radio L/R menu entry items. Once setup this way, clicking this item asserts (or de-asserts, as appropriate) the radio L/R output on the CW LPT port or the Outboard W5XD CW keyer.

Pressing any function key to begin a transmission automatically accomplishes the same function as Activate this Radio. So you only need to use this menu entry to switch radios for receive only, or for a transmission that is not originated by WriteLog.

Number of Radios

Single operators will select 1 radio. Or, for SO2R, will select 2. Selecting 2 radios changes the Entry window to show both radios.

Use this to change the number of ham radios used from one to as many as four. Used most often for SO2R operation.