Contest Setup

Note: this section is updated for Windows 12.x

This section for setting up WriteLog for ham radio contesting addresses what needs to be done for each contest to meet mode and rules of the contest or when the operator class of contesting is different. Each of the pages below will address a different tab of the WriteLog Toolbar:

These sections represent the ‘contest checklist’ that will set you up to operate in your contest.


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  • WriteLog provides the ability to download and automatically install ham radio contesting multiplier updates from the WriteLog web site.


  • Establishing an Operator field in the Log (Multi-Op contesting only)


  • Editing the number of ham radios (Multi-Op, SO2R, or RTTY Dual Receive only)


  • CW/RTTY/SSB Messages (also PSK, using RTTY format)
  • Sort Ordering and Serial Numbers (used for ham contest rules)
  • Log which radio makes the QSO (yes/no switch; SO2R and Multi-Op only)
  • Networking (two or more PC’s on a network with synchronized logs)


  • Register to accept Network connections (SO2R or Multi), local or Internet
  • Recover Window Layout (use a configuration from a previous contest)
  • Preset Exchange from ADI File (use a previous log to get exchange information — perfect for Sweepstakes and others)


  • Parameters for the overall ham radio contest
  • Exchange Format configuration