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Radio Sport Updates Web Site

Radio-sport.netJamie, NS3T, has updated his contest reporting site at site — your home for ham radio contest news. On it right now you will find the big news about the big contest — CQ WW SSB contest at the end of October. Jamie gives us nine different stories from different angles about the premier SSB contest for the season.

In addition, for those who may not know it, the 2010 WRTC Rules require contesting slots only to the deserving — by how well competitors place in contests leading up to the 2010 WRTC. is THE place to find out the current standings of the deserving. Jamie has split off his WRTC coverage into a sub-domain of the main site. In it, he has the only website “where you can get worldwide qualifying numbers for the World Radiosport Team Championships.” The URL for the WRTC qualifying numbers is

As a writer, producing content is both easy and challenging. I can tell from looking at that Jamie has put a tremendous amount of effort in providing a great contesting news site for the deserving. Go check it out.

Scot, K9JY

Bureau QSL Cards

QSL CardOne of the consequences of contesting is that you receive a great number of QSL cards in response to the contacts. And, unlike direct cards where cards come in day by day or Log of the World where there is a file upload, bureau cards come in an envelope from your local bureau.

My pile came in Friday. 150 VP9/K9JY QSL requests (we went there in 2005) plus another 100 or so for K9JY.

Looking at the pile on the desk is not something that attracts me to go and attack.

But, earlier in the year, I had read about Global QSL, a service that proclaims to print color cards on two sides, put your QSL information on the card and send them off to the appropriate bureau all for a very reasonable price. It seemed like it might be a good solution.

Requirements? Download their QSL creation program, place your pictures and text on the card using the program, upload it to their site, and then upload your ADIF file of the QSL’s you want printed to them and they take it from there.

It was an interesting and good experience. I’ll explain a bit more as we go through the week.

Scot, K9JY

Radio Sports — News for Contesters

One of the more difficult things about contesting is trying to figure out everything that’s happening in the contest world presented in a way that makes good sense — the news of contesting, not the every-nit-about contesting. To find out everything that’s going on, you’d need to subscribe to the contest reflector, subscribe to a bunch of magazines, and check out lots of web sites.

In other words, where’s the Sports section for contesting found in a newspaper?

radio-sport dot net

Well, you can find it over at Radio-Sport dot net. Jamie, NS3T, has taken all of the information — from contest results, contest rumors, contest rankings, and contest news and spun them all up into a three-column place for news about contesting.

Want to know about the qualifying rules for WRTC 2010? Or how about a review of the 2007 ARRL UHF Contest? Upcoming contests with links to the contest sites? Check.

And unlike straight up writing about the stuff, Jamie goes out and gets quotes from contesters that are included in the news. Comments, strategy, tips for others starting out — it’s all here as part of the news.

Just like you’d expect from a good reporter.

Jamie’s done a LOT of work to get this site going. Take a look.

Scot, K9JY