Ham radio Contest Stations database updated


Do you want to find out about the set-up at your favorite ham radio contesting station? Well, you can through the voluntary efforts of the contesting station owners and the Contest Stations website. Pete, N4ZR, and Mike, NF4L, have been working hard on updating the site making it easier for contest station owners and users of the site to find and update information.

Easier Updating by Contest Stations

Now station owners can update their information on the site. The update triggers an e-mail to Pete, N4ZR, so he can review the update before the change is made to the web site. This is done for security reasons, of course.

Enter your station — or update your information

The information for my entry was from when I still lived in the Midwest. Now that I’m in the Pacific Northwest, my entire antenna system has changed along with my approach to contesting. It took me only a few moments to update the information in the database.

Now, if Pete’s on the ball early this morning(!), you should see updated information for K9JY on the Contest Stations site. Just enter in my call in the search field and take it from there.

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