Would your government give you a permit for this tower?


OH8X 160/80 Tower and AntennasI really love the hams from OH. They think big, think tall, and look for the most out of their antennas. Since they get hit too often with all that aurora stuff, they try and compensate with bigger, stronger, and better antennas.

If you are in a low point of the solar cycle, build bigger and better antennas for the lowbands.

Like this announcement from OH8X:

It’s well known that the bigger and higher the antenna, the better results you’ll get. The new 3-element 160m antenna at OH8X must be about as big as you can get. Look out for a strong signal from them during 2009.The new antenna for the 160m Amateur Radio band was completed just in time for Christmas on 24th December after OH8SR and OH6RM had spent three weeks installing it.The Arcala Extremes station OH8X is located at Arkala 65.18N, 26.24E.

The specs? 100 meter tall tower (not feet, but meters). 60 meter booms for both 80 and 160 meters. and five 80-meter full size elements.

You can see the picture on the Facebook site.

Would your local government provide you permits to put up this antenna support structure?

Me neither. But it sure looks nice!

  • Scot,

    This one is mind bending almost seems like a supercomputer designed and developed OH8X’s monster 160m beam. I’m still stunned. And what a contribution and testament to the engineering prowess of ham radio operators. Their antenna is a symbol of passion and commitment to be ‘the best of the best’.

    Scot, KA3DRR

  • It also tells us how different the view is of ham radio in other countries. When you need 5,000 approvals to put up a DirecTV dish in some neighborhoods, we’ve taken it too far to the other side.

    I wonder how OH8X did the antenna modeling and how it would fire when the tower is 100-meters high…

  • Agreed. We as a culture and our communities have taken the control of wireless communication antennas to an extreme. Is this much like a fascination with navel fuzz? Perhaps such ordinances stifle innovation from the perspective of the garage innovator.

    Indeed, I’m curious as to the modeling program and design characteristics as well. Their project is worthy of a Science channel documentary.

    Scot, KA3DRR

  • Just think of the 80m pile-ups to EU using an antenna like that from the US, especially from here in the mid atlantic region.

    I just hope the guys out in west Texas don’t get ideas. They could probably pull it off out west of Dallas. If they had enough money to put it up.

    I wonder what the wind loading is on that thing with an inch of ice. Yikes.

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