Still liking ZeroFive Antenna


Got a note late yesterday asking whether or not I was still liking my ZeroFive Vertical that I put up earlier in the summer.

The short answer is “yes.”

Great construction, good instructions, and good performance. The antenna has been used in Field Day (with a comparison to another local Field Day site), the IARU Contest, and working PSK31 on the air.

I spent a lot of time getting 60-radials set up with the system, including crawling around under my deck laying out wires. What fun – but worth it. The radials, combined with the superior construction done by ZeroFive Antennas is what makes this antenna a great performer.

The original series of articles on the project are all here on the K9JY site: The Project, Preparation, Installation, Radial Installation and Performance. You can also check out the pictures on my photo site.

Scot, K9JY

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