Club Management — The meeting after the meeting


Time for a beer One of the key aspects of ham radio club membership meetings is that they are social events, not meeting events. If we take this social event approach to the meeting, one tries to maximize the social time around the business and program portions of the meeting.

One of the reasons to be hard-nosed about the end time of the program (say 9:00 PM) is that it offers time for your members to have a “meeting after the meeting.”

If your club has a lot of members, there is a wide-range of age, talent, and interests in the hobby. This diversity is fabulous for the club as it gives everyone an opportunity to interact before the meeting and during breaks.

But, saving time for “meetings after the meeting” helps more specialized groups meet somewhere else.

In one of my clubs, the DXers in the group left the regular meeting after it was over and went to the local pizza place five blocks away and had some pizza, beer, and conversation. While it was great to be in the meeting with everyone, it was also great to be able to socialize with those that do what you do in the hobby.

How many of your clubs have meetings after the meeting?

Scot, K9JY

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