Club Management — the role of Boards and Members


Ohio: Southeast Ohio Political Strategy Meeting, June 16 Amateur Radio clubs are social creatures. There is always a governing body and membership. There is more than one way to approach governing radio clubs. The one I like best is the Board sets policy and budget while the members participate in the activities and programs.

Members have a say, of course, in how the club is run — they do that by working with the Board of Directors. Hams are vocal, as they should be, about how the club is run.

But there is a world of difference between having a Board concentrate on the financial, membership, and program welfare of the club and having every nuance of running the club discussed and voted on at membership meetings.

Outside of the significant amount of membership meeting time this takes, having members vote on everything the club does cuts into the social aspects of club memberships. A well-planned meeting with a guest speaker for the program can go south in a hurry, cutting into your program time. And, perhaps, the club reputation.

Now, clubs can be successful when the membership votes on everything the club does. But, as a preference, let the Board run the club while the members enjoy the benefit of their hard work.

How does your club run its business affairs?

Scot, K9JY

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