Club Program Ideas: Six Meters and the Magic Band


Diamond two element 6-meter beam In this series on Club Program ideas, I’m providing possible programs for clubs to use in their meetings. You can find a full explanation of the approach in Club Programs – The Series.

Today’s program idea: Six Meters and the Magic Band.

When I was with the Cinco Nueve Contest Club at TI5N, we were privileged to hear a lot about six meters from Costa Rica from Kiko, TI5KD. A passionate proponent of six meters, I learned a great deal about six meters and the magic band.

With the ARRL VHF Contest just completed, a program on six meters would be a great addition to the club schedule.

Possible subjects could include:

  • Six meter propagation
  • Six meter antennas
  • Six meter equipment
  • Best times to listen (and why listening all the time helps)
  • Getting DXCC on six meters(!)

I have not been on six meters in my ham career. But there are people with passion for the band and that passion can translate into a great program for your members.

Scot, K9JY

Photo Credit: Diamond A502HB Base Station Yagi Beam

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