New ARRL Site up

image The ARRL has put up another blog site using the same software (but different hosting) as used here at The site, called We Do that — Radio looks to provide news-type articles about the different aspects of Amateur Radio.

Since there are many aspects to the hobby, their ability to put out content should be pretty good.

One of the articles I found fascinating was the D-Star radio standard. I have seen D-Star mentioned, but I have not learned anything about it. The article gives a brief history, tells us about the standard, and shows us how it is being used at W1AW.

Also included is an interview with local Washington State hams (where I live) about the technology.

The site doesn’t allow comments, but offers good one-way information about the hobby. You can regularly visit the site or subscribe via an RSS Feed like you can here on

Scot, K9JY