Club Program Ideas: What Makes Multi-Two Contesting Different?


PA148711061135 In this series on Club Program ideas, I’m providing possible programs for clubs to use in their meetings. You can find a full explanation of the approach in Club Programs – The Series.

Today’s program idea: Compare Multi-Two contesting to single operator contesting.

Contesting is a great way to test our stations in a defined time frame. Yet, having a multi-two contesting station is quite different than a single operator station. There is different strategy and teamwork now comes into play. Describing these differences will bring members into a different world then most have seen in the past.

Here are possible subjects to present:

  • Station equipment requirements
  • Station antenna requirements
  • Interstation interference needs
  • Working with teams
  • Scheduled operating times
  • Passing multipliers
  • Dividing the work

Bonus program suggestion: requirements for a competitive multi-multi station.

Scot, K9JY

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