Kids Day is June 21st

sun raysKid’s Day, the creation of the Boring Amateur Radio Club (of Boring, Oregon) is a way to show off our hobby to today’s youngsters.

I received my first ham radio license when I wasn’t even 16 years old — so appealing to this age group is a good thing.

Suggestions for club events:

  • Setting up at local schools
  • Setting up at a local supermarket
  • Setting up at other events

You can show a bunch of different aspects of the hobby — even CW Skimmer (I couldn’t resist…).

It’s a good cause. Time to get planning!

h/t K7CEX

Scot, K9JY

Our club will be doing Kids Day for the first time this year. This has been a goal of mine personally for years.

Scot, K9JY

@Howard Parks, AB9FH -This is a great idea. I’m hoping more clubs pick up on this and promote the hobby.

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