Field Day Station Captain Checklist


Field Day Station SetupField Day is coming up sooner than we think. So I thought I’d spend some time on Field Day and start working through some of the tasks associated with the event.

Most Field Day operations have more than one station. A conventional way of working each station is to have a “Station Captain” responsible for the setup, tear down and allocation of responsibilities for the station and operators.

What follows is a beginning attempt to establish a “checklist” for station captains.

Station Captain Checklist:



Antenna Tuner

Morse Key



Field Day software

Computer – Radio Interface

Sound Card Check


Antenna 1

Antenna 2 (if needed or wanted)

Antenna Supports

Network Router or Hub

Network Cable

Wireless Adapter



Take down

Operator Schedule

Bonus Point attainment plan for station




Shelter – tent, RV…??

Sleeping bag or equivalent


For cooking

For refrigeration


What else should be added to this list? What other lists should be here?

Scot, K9JY

  • Heh, easy. “First Aid”.

    Somebody always forgets which end of the soldering iron gets hot on Field Day, or discovers that soldering while wearing shorts may not be ideal. And Murphy dictates that the odds of needing first aid will rise in direct proportion to the distance of the FD site from civilization.

    That may be assumed if you keep a kit in your vehicle, but amazingly few people do. The percentage among hams is probably higher, but still low, even with EmComm folks who should know better..

    It’s a good time to go through it and swap out old supplies for fresh ones too.

    73, kaz

  • Don — Power is a good one and a bad one to miss! From the station view, that would be how to connect to the generator (most Field Days are off of generators) from the station location.

    As well, some bonus points cover alternative energy such as solar and even bicycle power. How to connect to that would also need to be in the plans.

    Kaz — a real eye opener. Yup, First Aid kits are a good thing. And, to be fair, perhaps even a medical checklist. First aid kit, emergency numbers, closest hospital with maps, etc. Since Field Days are usually held “someplace else,” we don’t necessarily know the services offered there.

    Good suggestions! Are there others?

  • Rod, another good couple here as well. I’m going to write about food in a full posting. It’s an important part of the Field Day Experience.

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