Grey Lines Make Things Clear


One of the great challenges in contesting is knowing what band to be on at what time to maximize rate and multipliers (which are not necessarily the same band). And the most challenging time to figure out which band to be on is at sunrise and sunset — the greyline.

For example, at sunrise, the greyline heightens propagation on the low bands. Yet, with the sunrise, the higher bands become open as well. From the states, do we stay on 80-meters trying to work the long Asian multipliers? Or do we move up to 20-meters and start to work Europe and get a run frequency? It’s a tough call.

Having the digital time for sunrise and sunset on your computer screen is nice — but totally ineffective in determining where your antennas should be pointing and what band you should be on.

No, what we need is the world at our finger tips: A greyline map.

Here’s a snapshot:


This greyline map updates every five minutes, giving you the world at a glance. Exactly what we need to see to help determine which band we should be on.

Scot, K9JY

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