Online QSL Requests for VP6DX

image Does every ham in the world now have online access? Let’s hope so as the major way this DXpedition wants their QSL requests is via an online request form.

From the Ducie Island site:

A special service for the VP6DX DXpedition is the Online QSL Request System (OQRS) for bureau and DIRECT QSL cards, based on an online form and the QSL Label Software BV. This is no E-QSL system. The callsigns and QSO data of the requests are stored in a database and you will automatically receive a real printed QSL card via the bureau or DIRECT to your mailbox without sending your own QSL card if you are in the log!

If you do request a direct card, they will ask you for a donation to cover the cost of postage via PayPal and will list you as a sponsor if you provide more dollars than the postage amount.

The purpose of all of this: dramatically reduce the number of bureau cards going through the worldwide system and eliminate as many direct cards through the mail as possible.

I can relate to this. I’m sure they are not as thrilled to get a K9JY QSL card as I’d be getting a VP6DX card from them! It eliminates the hassle of envelopes, cards, processing return cards, and keeping it all straight.

These innovative ways of electronically QSLing, requesting QSL’s and getting confirmations move the hobby along in what has always been (in my opinion) the slowest part of the hobby: getting the confirmation for the contact.

You can still send a card, of course, and get one in return. But, if you have online access, why would you send a card?

h/t to K2DBK.

Scot, K9JY

One interesting thing that I saw mentioned on a couple of lists (and possibly on the VP6DX site itself) was that the VP6DX guys realized that they didn’t do a good enough job about getting the word out about not sending them cards directly when they returned from their trip to find several thousand QSL cards waiting for them.

Scot, K9JY

@David, K2DBK
Makes you wonder what the “best” method of communicating it is. DX Bulletins, Web Site, others? Then, of course, people need to follow directions…!

I think it’s not so much figuring out the “one best” way as figuring out which ways (plural) work.

In a case like this, the shotgun approach seems to make sense.

Scot, K9JY

@David, K2DBK
Or all of the different ways. We probably need a checklist out there of everyone to contact with the right information so at least it is everywhere it should be…

@Scott, when I went on my trip to Cayman, I started collecting email addresses and other info for sites and lists that distributed information about dxpeditions. (Well, I wouldn’t quite call my trip a dxpedition). I’m sure that it’s by no means complete, but maybe I’ll publish it on my website as a resource, and I can update it as I get additional information.

Scot, K9JY

@David, K2DBK
That would be a good thing to do. If you do it, send me the link and I’ll also reference your site here. I just think DXpeditions need a “press kit” so they can get the news out.

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