Standing up during a contest

Bencher Paddle Aside from being physically fit for the contest and well rested, doing the long haul for a contest means that you’ll need to take some breaks during the contest.

I’m not talking about the sleep breaks — I’m talking about taking breaks while you are operating.

The best way to take a break during the contest is to simply change your physical position while operating. For me, one of the easiest things to do while operating is to stand up and continue to work the pileups.

The great thing about standing up during portions of the contest is that it changes the dynamics of your physical and mental state. Standing uses different muscles than when sitting and balance now comes into play.

Once standing, changing the position of your feet can also significantly change the physical dynamics of what you are doing.

Blood flow, wakefulness, using muscles, and stretching while contesting are all things what will help provide the mental toughness and longevity needed to make it through operating times.

Scot, K9JY