Global QSL — Creating your account

vp9-k9jyqsl.jpgThe first step in working with Global QSL is creating an account for your callsigns, QSL Bureau, and/or your QSL Manager. This is pretty straightforward:

1. Provide the callsigns you want to have Global QSL send out cards.

In my case, I’ve held the callsigns of KA9QVD, NB9C, NB200C, K9JY, VP9/K9JY, and TI5/K9JY. However, I only have K9JY and VP9/K9JY registered with Global QSL. The reasons? Almost all of my NB9C, NB200C, and KA9QVD QSL requests have been accounted for. And I had few TI5 contacts in using my callsign because we used TI5N for most of the operation. The volume is left in the two callsigns.

2. Identify your incoming QSL bureau and how you want cards handled that Global QSL also has on their accounts for you.

For example, if EI7XX wants to send me a bureau card and the card is printed and sent by Global QSL, do I want it sent to my K9 bureau or direct? I answered that the cards should be sent to the K9 bureau like any other bureau card.

As an update, since I uploaded by cards about ten days ago, 81% are already on their way to the correct bureau with the rest in queue for the next printing.

Scot, K9JY

Photo Credit: QSL Cards by LU6FPI on Flickr