Global QSL — The benefits

QSL CardLast week, I said that I’d update you all on my experience with Global QSL during the week. Well, I missed last week due to commitments balanced with time; I’m ending up doing it this week.

What I am going to focus on over the next series of posts is how Global QSL works and why it specifically works for me. Your results may vary, of course, depending upon your needs, time, and finances. But, if you are a contester and gets lots of QSL cards (what contester doesn’t?), then this series will be of interest to you.

This article will look at the benefits to the contester from both the company point of view as well as my contesting viewpoint.

In a nutshell, with a little technology and a few dollars, Global QSL will fully manage the printing and distribution of your bureau (and other) QSL cards. This is no small thing to do.

The way Global QSL works

There is essentially a three step process for handling your bureau QSL cards:

  1. Subscribe to the service. You’ve done this on other web sites — sign up with your user name and password.
  2. Design your personal QSL card. You can do this with the supplied free program from Global QSL using your images — two sided color cards — or have Global QSL design your card for you. Also at no charge.
  3. Upload your ADIF file of calls from your log or enter your QSO’s manually (for example, for SWL cards).

These three steps are what I did to get my 500 or so cards uploaded to the site.

The benefits

There are several benefits to the contester for this type of service:

  • You don’t write QSL Cards or print labels. Because you upload an ADIF file to Global QSL, they will print the QSO information on the card for you.
  • You don’t sort your out-going cards. They do that as part of the printing process.
  • You don’t pay at one QSO per card rate; the print multiple contacts (up to five) on one card.
  • You save a lot of time managing QSL cards. I did my 500 cards by entering them into my log, producing the ADIF file and uploading them to Global QSL in about five hours.
  • They can send you cards to use for direct QSL’s. Might as well get that great picture QSL card for direct cards as well.
  • They send cards to each bureau in the world for you. They know the bureaus and they send to them in bulk — sometimes every day because of their volume.

The features

Global QSL has some features as well that help support the service:

  • Up to ten call signs with unique graphic and picture shots for each callsign.
  • Change the graphic design by yourself at any time.
  • Your cards are printed in full color on both sides
  • Reporting on cards.

The bottom line

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a lot of resistance to sending out bureau cards. They come in bunches, they need to be sorted out, and I tend to put them in a pile over there to get to later. It turns out, much later.

This was the first logical service I have found that makes it easy to send cards.

I much prefer Logbook of The World, of course. But the paper QSL card isn’t going away any time soon and this service gets me to honoring the QSO by confirming it much easier than anything I’ve done in the past.

Next up: working the process. Including screen shots.

Scot, K9JY

I was a little confused about a couple of things when I read the information on their website. Do people still send cards directly to you or to Global QSL? Does Global QSL send cards to US stations via the bureau if I’m a US station or do I still have to deal with domestic QSLs myself?

Scot, K9JY

Hi Eric,

Let me answer the questions. Do people still send cards directly to you or to Global QSL?

The answer to this is that people will still send cards to you. You process them in your logging system. For bureau cards coming in and your reply, you send the ADIF file to Global QSL and they will print cards and send them to the correct QSL bureau.

They have an OPTION where if a ham in another DX country from me, such as Ireland, ALSO uses Global QSL for bureau cards, Global QSL will print the EI card for me and send it either directly to me or to my K9 bureau for processing.

The assumption that I am using is that direct DX cards to me I still handle directly using my cards (Global QSL will send you your cards without QSO information for this purpose, just like ordering QSL cards from anyone else).

As to the second question, will domestic cards still be handled by me…the answer is yes.

Global QSL will simply manage all the DX bureau cards.

Hope this helps.

Very cool. I’ll definitely look into this service. Thanks for the answers!

So… this is like eQSL except they print cards and mail them for you… correct?

Scot, K9JY

Hi Rob,

I have only been in the e-QSL site once, but I believe yes.

Paul VO1HE

Are they accepted by the DXCC program? I ask because they wouldn’t have any personalized stamp or signature from me were I do fill them in myself.

Scot, K9JY

Paul, Yes, they do. In order for the card to go out, you have to log in to your personal account, upload a file (for many cards) or fill out the form (for few cards), and then approve those before the cards are printed. So it is very secure.

In addition, you can have them send you blank cards if you so desire just like ordering cards from any other QSL card maker.

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