K9JY Portable Operation on Hold

Earlier in the year, I was waxing eloquently about operating portable from a park here in the Pacific Northwest that would allow me to place a vertical on a beach and contest. Called “Searching for Salt Water,” I had even made a couple of trips looking for such a place, including a county park and a state park.

Here it is the end of summer — and on the cusp of the fall contesting season — and I’m nowhere closer to coming up with a site than I was earlier.

Most of it comes down to economics. In order to do the beach contesting, I wanted to get an RV and generator. I mean, my idea of camping is a room at the Embassy Suites, so that gives you a perspective on the criteria.

But when I started to run up against the logistics of getting the RV, figuring out where to store it, going through the dollars associated with buying it and all that stuff, it just didn’t look as good against the budget.

So, no salt water on the beach for me at this point in time. Just wanted to update people on that as I had written about it a lot earlier in the year.

Scot, K9JY