Yaesu FT-450 Rocks

Attending the Pacific NW DX Convention this weekend, I had the privilege of seeing the new Yaesu FT-450 radio. The cool thing about this radio is the weight — just under eight pounds and providing full coverage through six meters.

Since I spend a good amount of time and thought on radios for DXpeditions, the FT-450 immediately comes up as a great alternative to my current radio. Easily fitting into a carry on bag, the radio really breaks the weight barrier.

The presenter who used the radio wanted to find out if the receiver would really do the trick in HF pileups…and it did.

Another cool thing: redundancy. Since the radio is only 8-pounds, you can take two with you for the weight of one radio.

Time to do some more research, for sure. Interfaces, FSK RTTY…all need to be looked into. But, I’m looking!

Here’s a quick six second video of the FT-450 from Dayton. Think of an FT-1000MP at 1/3 the size.


If you have a need for something like this for either DXpeditions or in your car, it’s worth a serious look.

Scot, K9JY

If you are taking an Amp, such as the SPE Expert, another rig worth thinking about is the Ten-Tec Argonaut V – comes it wet at a mere 5 pounds and will drive an amp. Also has the direct-in digital features like their former Pegasus model.



Scot, K9JY

We’ve had a great time with big rigs and lots of buttons — but antenna restrictions through covenants and the desire to go more portable is starting to drive a “small and powerful” radio market.

I know from personal experience that traveling out of the country for a DXpedition is ALL about weight on the plane. 5-8 pounds compared to 20 is HUGE when it comes to taking more accessories or an amp.

Really a good development in the radio market.


Why not use a FT-857? I’m not a dx peditioner, and I was wondering why you don’t seem to contemplate this model which is indeed small and lightweight. I’m just curious, maybe its receiver section is not so good? Please give me more info.

Scot, K9JY

The FT-857 is a good one. Since I wrote this, I’ve dived a bit more into the details on the FT-450. While it’s a great radio, the RTTY portion of it doesn’t work for me as it does not have FSK.

We have used an FT-857 on a DXpedition; the only issue that I’ve seen about it is it is a bit open to interference in a multi-radio environment.

But, lightweight, good power, nice radio.

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